These Are The Best Trees For Your Garden

Trees provide a lot of benefits: from keeping your ground tight and in once place, to providing shades and privacy. For whatever reason you plant, you should know that not all trees are good for your garden. Are you thinking of what trees you could plant and have a nice shade in your garden, or kithcen? Not sure which one to choose for your small garden? Well, do not worry as we have prepared a small guide for you. We will list the best trees you should plant in your garden so feel free to choose any of these!

Japanese maple

Though native to Asia and Japan, it can grow pretty well in all climates. If you are looking for a slow-growing tree that will be appropriate for your small garden, Japanese maple is your choice. These are available in many colors though the colors of leaves change through the seasons and they can grow in the shade without any problems. If you are looking for a colorful and low-height tree that can grow in a pot and still provide enough shade, you might want to choose this type of tree for your backyard or garden.



The fantastic and beautiful goblet flowers are really astonishing, especially during the spring season. This slow-growing tree is the perfect choice for small gardens, without too much of space. The flowers are pink and provide a really calming effect. Although they can grow in full sun or partial shade, these trees are not so resistant to winds. Strong winds can easily destroy these so make sure you protect them from strong winds. These are not well for pots, but rather for a natural growth. Just make sure your holes are deep enough, as the roots go deep down.


Ornamental pear

We all love pears as they are tasty and delicious. This is the ornamental version of pear, with buds of course. The tree changes it leaves’ color during the spring and summer, transiting from silver to green color. Its soft canopy and branches make you think it will break but no, it just looks like that. Ornamental pear provides the fruit of course, prevents ground erosion and delivers nice and dense shade that will keep you from the hot summer sun. Try to give it a nice space around once you plant it, so it could grow to the full potential on the side.