Choosing The Fabric For Your Clothes – What Do You Need To Know?

When buying a piece of clothes, what do you inspect first? Is it a color or a fabric? Or something else? Of course, the first thing that attracts us is the color of shirt, shoes, shorts etc. If the color is right, then we move on the material. When choosing the right material, you need to have some tips in your mind. This article will explain few of them so you could know the very next time what you need to pay attention to. The set of these tips is especially important if you are designing and producing your own clothing.


Before doing anything, it is crucial to perform a research. For example, what alternatives to plastic straws is there out there? We live in a world where the organic parts play a big difference on what tomorrow gives so please, even if you are looking at a straw or in this case a piece of fabric, research how the fabric is made.

Do visit shopping malls and shops to see and touch the different materials so you could see which one you like the most. This gives you a totally new insight, especially when designing own organic clothes, as you will be able to see the material live before you decide to buy a piece of clothes that is made of that fabric. Once you inspect the materials and find the best one for your needs, you will be able to design something totally new and innovative.


Make sure you have the right dimensions

This is especially important if you are planning to make a certain part of clothes using a specific material. First of all, not all materials are made in the same standards, as some of them come in 60 inches and 45 inches parts. Once you know your dimensions, you will know how much material you will eventually need. Try to always buy a little bit more than you need, as you never know when you can make a mistake and cut down more than you need.

Check the color of material

When you look at the material or clothes in a store, it is usually very bright as the shops and stores have the lighting system turned on. For that reason, try to take the material to the natural light, so you could see how it really looks like. Also, make sure you put it close to your chest, or other part of body that is going to cover, so you could see whether it looks good on you. Some colors just do not match with some skin colors and you should know that and avoid whenever you have a chance.


What are the best fabrics?

When it comes to the best materials, it is a bit harder to say which material is the best one, as it depends on several preferences. In our experience, the best materials are any type of cotton, whether it is a heavy or lightweight one. The light one is the best for tops and dresses that are simple and contain no complex shapes, while the heavy is great for clothes that will contain complex shapes as it is stiff. Linen material is awesome choice for hot summers, just relaxing in your garden, and it is very easy to process.