About Author

TheBossIn the beginning of the 1990s, Alex Mitchel wanted to become a certified chef with a strong emphasizing of diets, healthy food and lifestyle, as well gardening. Things were quite small in the beginning, as there were no help with the publishing. Each work was published by the independent houses, but none of these were in the hands of Alex. After publishing a book for an independent publishing house, she came to an idea to start her own site and editorial service that will work with the mentioned industries. That is how the story of this blog started! Today, we are the successful company with over 10,000 publishing works per year!

Alex Mitchel, the author of this website, is an experienced chef who has been writing, publishing and providing all the help needed for publishing of works that present valuable cooking knowledge. In the beginning, the work did not extend to publishing but rather only to writing and providing useful information regarding the cooking. As a part of this blog, Mitchel managed to establish a dozen of professional business partnerships that enables her to launch a publishing house. The specialized niches are cooking, lifestyle and gardening but the best part is that Mitchel helps other authors to publish their works.